About us

Harsh Sonawala

An avid photographer, football would be second biggest love after traveling. He really enjoys his morning yoga sessions. While traveling he can pen some wonderful verses of poetry.

Harsh, lived in Mumbai most of his life. However, he would often run to Himachal Pradesh in the Summer and either Rajasthan or Kerala in Winter. He loves Goa and his ipod.

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Abbas Slatewala

Amongst all the places he has visited believes the Himalayas is the most beautiful place ever. An avid trekker, he loves cricket much like every other Indian.

He spent a few months in Belgium with AIESEC at the beginning of 2009. Where whenever he introduced himself as an Indian he got the reaction. 'Oh I really want to visit India Someday'. Finally the venture he was thinking about had a name.

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Nikhil (NIK) Gurjar

Nikhil A.K.A Nik is an Engineering Graduate an I.T Professional like every other Indian guy on earth perhaps a bit different from the rest suffers from a disease called Travelitis Furiosus , Speaks German, Plays Rhythm Guitars, History Aficionado, Observes people, Believes in Karma & an absolute people's person

Nik has been backpacking for the last 6 years juggling between work and travel last year he took a Job in Kerala, South India just because that was the only state he had not traveled to in India.. 1 Yr of Backpacking in South India was enough so he decided to switch continents as a result he ended up 'working' for a year in Europe but his facebook profile completely show a different story of Europe, In other words he worked for 4.5 days in Europe and backpacked for 2.5 days

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Nik is currently studying in Germany and runs the german extension of India Someday (www.indiasomeday.de)


Nil Gandhi - Our French/France Partner

Nil Gandhi is half French and half Indian. (His mom is French, Dad is Indian). He grew up in France but has and continues to visit India frequently for different purposes i.e. family, weddings, holidays, an Internship and work.

Nil is our French representative should you require assistance in french while planning your trip feel free to get in touch with him.

Email : nil@indiasomeday.com, nil@indiasomeday.fr
Skype : nil.gandhi


About India Someday

We are three friends who share one strong passion in common i.e. travelling.

We would spend many a evenings talking about places that we have visited and places that we wanted to visit. Being avid travelers we loved providing travel advice. We would often be the ones who would plan trips for our friends or family.

The thought of 'India Someday' stemmed out of the common passion, travel and the fact that we really enjoyed planning trips for others. 

India is an incredible country to visit. The sheer diversity, contrasts, culture and spirituality. However in India, as a traveler from abroad one has the option of traveling all alone (with a guide book) or having a travel agent plan a packaged tour.

India Someday wanted to be somewhere in between. Where we could interact with our clients, see what they already know about their trip, see what they want their trip to be like. Then use our experience to help plan a convenient and value for money trip.

As a company, we are relatively new (Oct 2009), however as a service i.e. assisting people in traveling around India. Albeit, in a less formal way (a few tips here and a few bookings there) we have doing it for at least three to four years.

Finally, we hope you do visit 'India Someday'. And we would always be glad to help you plan your trip to India.