All About India

Best time to visit India in terms of weather for   

North India is (i.e. Delhi, Agra, Rajasthan etc)   - Oct to March  (10 C - 28 C)

South India is (i.e. Goa, Kerala, Tamil Nadu etc) - Oct to April   (22 C - 32 C)

Himalayas,  Apr-June & Sept - Mid November is the best time to trek (July - August is monsoons)   

How about May-Sept?                                         - Non-touristy months, significantly lower number of tourists                                                                 

North India - can be very hot (35 C - 40 C)

South India (25 C - 35C), Plus rains, the countryside is the prettiest during this time of the year

Himalayas - April, May, June, September & October are the best months to trek

How much would a two week holiday in India cost?

A typical two week holiday, with a couple of internal flights, train travel by air conditioned coach, comfortable, value for money accommodation, food and monument entrance fees would cost Euro 500 to Euro 700 (USD 700 - USD 1000) per person(excluding flight to and out of India).

By spending a little more you can indulge in a few pampered hotel stays, or even rent a car (and driver) for certain legs of your journey. 

Alternatively, if you decide to backpack India on a shoestring you can spend even less than Euro 500 (USD 700), but you should be willing to compromise on comfort.

How much does it cost to fly to India?

Flights from Europe can range between Euro 400 to Euro 800 depending on season and how early you book flights.

Flights from North America can range between USD 900 to USD 1300, again depending on season and how early you book flights.

Flights are most expensive in and around December.