This service was one of the best deals I got on this trip. The staff was knowledgeable and quick to respond to my questions (do keep in mind there is a 12.5 hour or so time difference). In the last 10 years I have traveled to 22 countries and countless cites and recommend this service as a boon to the experienced and inexperienced travelers thinking of India as a destination.

James 'Skip' Baker, USA (Trip in March 2011)

Abbas Slatewala of India Someday is always helpful and positive.He organised our trip for us with suggested itineraries and places to visit.His advice and planning made our 30 days around South India and Goa in January and February 2011 a happy and memorable experience. There always will be small difficulties when travelling and speed of resolution is a necessity for client satisfaction. Any difficulties were resolved by him positively and in quick order with no excuses just apologies (even though some were out of his control) and then immediate positive action. We would definitely use India Someday again preferably with Abbas.

Mervyn Mitchell, United Kingdom (Trip in Jan - Feb 2011)

"Indiasomeday.com is the kind of friend you would want to have in every country of the world. Call them, mail them, annoy them whenever you want! They will organize everything for you. Fast, friendly and without the kind of complications you would have with the big travel companies."

Olli Koob, Luxembourg (Trip in January 2011)

"India Someday was incredibly helpful in helping me plan my trip to India! I had to be in Goa for New Years / see the Taj Mahal / end up in Bombay ... and India Someday helped me to organize my trip in such a way that everything would be possible. I ended up exploring Rajastan, and I was so thankful that India Someday pointed me in the right direction. It was also so nice having all hotels and cars booked in advance, and I had absolutely no problems once I was there. I would recommend India Someday to anyone traveling to India" - Jenna

"I used India Someday to plan a trip with a couple of my college friends to Goa, through Rajasthan, and ending in Agra. It was a great experience. Abbas helped us to plan our itinerary, and gave us options for lodging at every place. His local knowledge was incredibly helpful in planning - for example, he found us a great, English speaking driver to take us through Rajasthan. Also, India Someday was very good at managing unexpected changes in our plan. When a road blockage threatened to hamper our trip, they quickly and smoothly changed our car reservation and obtained train tickets. Overall, an amazing vacation experience thanks to India Someday!" -Yasmin

Jenna Sherman & Yasmin Mandviwala (Trip in January 2011)

"Planning my trip to India was very daunting for me, so finding Abbas and India Someday was a blessing. Abbas was so nice, helpful, and understanding to me and what I had hoped to get out of my trip. I like being in control of my trip planning, and he was great about listening to me, while also giving me suggestions of where else to go and what else to see.

Without India Someday, my trip planning would have been disheveled and confusing, and I probably would not have been able to do and see half as much. Abbas helped me plan my trip very well according to my budget, and I really appreciated that he checked in on me every few days throughout my trip. The key is to be flexible, as is the case when traveling anyway. Thank you so much, Abbas and Aaliyah for all of your help! India would not have been the same without your guidance!"

Haden Oswalt, USA (Trip in November 2010)

I got in touch with 'India Someday' a few weeks before our trip to India. I had a long skype talk with Abbas explaining what we were looking at for our holiday. A trek in the himalayas and exploring Rajasthan by car. I immediately felt comfortable with Abbas's prompt and candid advice.

The trip was amazing and the organisation was perfect so THANK YOU for that 'India Someday'!!! The trek was indeed an amazing part of the trip! We enjoyed the mountains, the amazing views and the friendliness of the staff. The drive around Rajasthan was also great with some highlights: the nice city of Udaipur, the beautiful fort of Jodhpur and of course the incredible Taj!

Isabelle Humblet and JF Lambert, Belgium (Trip in Oct 2010)

This trip in India was crazy and wonderful: the best trip of my life. I will never forget cities, landscapes and especially people.

I recommand you to enter in contact with India Someday. They will provide you all information with very good advises. In only two weeks we had possiblity to visit most of famous places in Rajasthan. The accomodation Nik and Abbas selected for us was consistenly good, comfortable and great value for money. We highly enjoyed the homestay recommendation in Jodhpur (especially, since it is a new accomdation and not mentioned in any guide books)

Damien Guillot and Gab Sarlin, France (Trip in Oct 2010)

Abbas and India Someday are amazing. India is a disorienting place to plan a trip in if you've never been, and India Someday is the perfect amount of help for someone who wants to be in charge of their own trip but have an expertly planned Itinerary with all the inside information about what you'll actually see and encounter. It's an incredibly inexpensive but somehow thorough and attentive planning option, and I can't imagine any travel agent doing a better job or making me feel so at ease as a single woman traveling in India. There are no hidden fees--he won't even charge you if you talk to him and decide to do something else!--and I actually found myself at the end of the trip telling him he ought to charge more.

Honestly, I couldn't have had such an amazing India experience with so little stressful planning if it weren't for India Someday. I can and will recommend them to everyone who is interested in going to India

Becca Romash, USA (Trip in June 2010)

"My introduction to India Someday was through Facebook! I checked their website after that and it was very impressive, but I was still a little skeptical about getting someone to plan my trip in India through the internet. All my worries were assuaged the minute I met Abbas and Harsh. They are fellow travelers who have a vast knowledge about traveling in India, having done so much of it themselves. They were easy to talk to and very helpful in deed.

They helped me plan my trip - from identifying the places I should visit in Rajasthan and Himachal Pradesh, to actually making all the travel arrangements. But it did not stop there - Abbas followed up on my trip, gave me useful advice along the way, and soon became a friend who was eager to learn about my experiences. I am very happy I ran into India Someday. It would have been possible for me to do this myself but they made the whole experience so easy and enjoyable, right from selecting the places that would be good for me to visit, to picking the best way to travel.

I would recommend them to anyone who is unsure where to start, or simply looking for friendly advice on how to go about traveling in this very vast, diverse and confusing country called India!

Fatema and Nandini, India (Trip in Feb March2010) You can view pictures from Fatema and Nandini's trip here

My trip to India was a mess at the very beginning, I was going to spend 3 months there, and I had a lot of people in different locations to be included in my plan. And that's when I spoke to Abbas from India Someday.

Abbas was always extremely helpful, whenever I had a question "how do I do this or that?" Abbas was the one I always emailed. He has a vast knowledge of everything which a tourist might need in Mumbai and all over India. Moreover he is continually enriching this knowledge, asking for tips from the travelers who visited locations he hasn't been to yet, or visited earlier and needed updates.

I also got to know him personally, as I spent couple of weeks in Mumbai. He is extremely nice and kind person, it feels very safe in his company, and you feel you can rely on this guy!

I wish you, who’s going to travel in India someday, to have the time of your life (it is so likely to happen!) and Abbas can help you to save some efforts in doing it!

Anastasia Safronova, Russia (Trip in Jan - March 2010)

"My boyfriend and I were yet another bunch of people who kept saying "I will visit India Someday" and with the help of Abbas, we will fulfill our dream this December! It has been a lot of fun planning my trip to India with Abbas! He is extremely perceptive of our specific needs, he used a very good initial survey to skew down our main interests for the trip. He really strived to get the best value - cost balance for our trip. I will be back with a testimonial after completing my trip, but I don't have the slightest doubt that it will be amazing!"

(Updated by India Someday) Irina and Cosmin had a wonderful trip to India, they have promised a video testimonial, which they will be sending shortly. Until then you can see pictures of their trip

Irina Ivan, Belgium (Trip in Dec 20, 09 - Jan 2, 10)

Together with my boyfriend we were in India for almost 4 weeks. We approached Abbas only a couple of weeks before leaving for India. We reached India without any train tickets booked and just a general idea of where we wanted to travel.        

Abbas booked a budget hotel for us in Mumbai; we met him in the city and he helped us plan our destinations and route of travel for Rajasthan. He helped us book train tickets to Agra and onwards to Rajasthan. Small help, but made a big difference to our trip. He also showed us around the city, we really enjoyed the time spent with him.

Dominika Kita, Poland (Trip in October 2009)

In the summer of 2009 I went to India with a friend. I got in contact with India Someday since it was recommended to me by a friend. I was pleasantly surprised about the dedicated and pro-active help I got from Abbas for figuring out my trip. Where to go, how to go, and what transportation to book. Because of India Someday and the great help of Abbas my trip to India became more easy, enjoyable and memorable. Thank you, I am very grateful for this!

Martine Hamers, The Netherlands, (Trip August 2009)

"Abbas and Harsh helped us in many ways with our India trip before they had started their business. Their knowledge made it much more easy to navigate in the information jungle online. They also bought bus tickets for us since it was not possible to buy these tickets from Norway, we payed them back when we came to Mumbai. So easy and reassuring for us! It was also very nice to meet up in Mumbai where we had lunch together and talked a bit more about our trip ahead. Thanks to these guys we got to see a lot of India in a short time and felt safe the whole time because we had someone knowledgable to ask if something came up!"

Trude Karin Holmedal, Norway (Trip in December 2008)

I met Abbas in October of 2008 when I was traveling in Mumbai with a friend. Abbas was a gracious, urban, and well-informed addition to our Mumbai visit. It can be difficult to know who to trust when touring India. Upon meeting Abbas, I was immediately at ease; upon launching into conversation, we were thankful to find such an open-minded, smart, and genuine guide. I plan to visit Mumbai and Abbas again someday.

Lauren Zimmermann, USA (Oct 2008)