What we do

We help you plan your trip to India. If we break it down, this is what we do
1) Ask you to take a  3 min questionnair e, so we know more about you and your intended trip to India
2) Alternatively, you can also email us at  thinkingindia@indiasomeday.com
3) We then, chat /skype/email back and forth
4) Arrive on a suitable plan of travel and places you would visit, and where you would stay
5) We make the hotel and travel bookings on your behalf
6) We continue talking about your trip, answering questions you might have

How much do we charge?
We charge INR 4500 (Approx Euro 65, USD 100) per person (up to a 14 day trip) and  INR 2000 (Approx Euro 24, USD 40) per person (per additional week), If you are a solo traveller we charge a one time additional fee of INR 2000 (Approx Euro 24, USD 40) and help you

1) Select the destinations to visit in India, since India is huge, it can be quite a task deciding the destinations. We've visited most of these places and know what they are like.

2) Book the right combination of transport. Sometimes a train is convenient, sometimes a bus, often it makes sense to rent a car.

3) Help you select hotels, and then book hotels on your behalf saves you immense amount of time, as you do not need to book the hotels individually.

4) Plan a highly personalized trip. We chat with you, reply to your mails and answer all the questions you have about your trip and also prepare you for India. 

5) Reduce your trip expenses. Simple things like, internal flights are cheaper if booked from Indian travel portals, you might not know them. Hotels, we know what is the right price for which hotel or we usually get a more reasonable deal on car hires.

* Unlike a package tour you are in complete control of how much you wish to spend. You will pay for flights/train/buses and hotels as per the actual price. We give you a break-up of every component of your trip.

Would you like 'India Someday' to assist you in planning your trip to India? take this 3 min questionnaire or make a quick enquiry